Diamond in the Rough Artist of The Week!

Awesome Track! This guys voice is different in a cool way on instant repeat

Follow Me In The Age of Art, Love, Dialogue and Dexterity

My taste in music is universal and I often play it by ear. I like everything from jazz to hip-hop from country music to salsa. The songs that I usually like have a good message that they send out, or a story that I can follow along with or they have the pure enjoyment of making my body move to an amazing beat. For this week my Diamond in the Rough, not yet recognized artist I have scoped out is an artist by the name of Lekan. He has an unmixed version of a song that I fell in love with the first time I heard it. “We Know” is a song that many people can relate to and have been through. It is such a tranquil and real song. I just picture myself relaxing with a group of friends enjoying some hookah and a few drinks with light and…

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