Life’s Lessons In Due Time…

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I used to beat myself up all the time on my approach to life. If ever there was a time to switch up the nonchalant “whether I succeed or fail life goes on” attitude it would be before I embarked on my excellent (Yet expensive) journey to college. I mean it is a well and decent philosophy to possess. Basically, do not sweat the small stuff. It can however be rather irritating and problematic when you mix that impulse way of thinking with a slightly indecisive person as myself. I was studious all throughout college, I could not tell you the array of nights still buzzed off caffeine I would spend staying up and pass 3 a.m. I would set an alarm to nap for 15 minutes so I could finish studying extra before a final I had in the limited hours proceeding (Highly not recommended)…

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Did we take life’s simple pleasures for granted?

The View From This Shore

“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

There was a time when all we needed to do, in order to relax was to switch on the TV and lounge on the couch. Nowadays, this very act means switching through a plethora of TV channels trying to desperately find something ‘good’ to watch, although we already know that something good isn’t there anymore. Once we get through the first fifty disappointing programs and then having the foreboding feeling of more disappointment to come, we go back to that one program we dismissed with the hopes of finding a better one, only to see that it is finishing already. The manual labour involved in watching modern…

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Sketchbook: Steep Hill

[OLD] Graphique Fantastique ▲

It feels so long since I shared a sketchbook post! I’ve been so busy I’ve not really had time to sketch, but I have been avoiding it a bit too. That sounds confusing, I know, but let me explain…

Friday 30th August I headed up Steep Hill to sketch:

Wahey! I managed to sketch in pencil, which I usually have a problem with. Steep Hill was unusually quiet too, so perfect for me to sketch without any distractions.

I was pretty happy with my sketch, and this is where the problem then came. I wanted to finish it off and go over it in pen, but at the same time I was scared incase I ruined the pencil drawing. So 3 weeks on and I still hadn’t finished the sketch, but today I decided enough was enough!

I admit that due to Lincoln’s unreliable weather I penned the details using…

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Hello, Mr. Hulot

Design of the Picture Book

hellomrhulotCoverby David Merveille, based on the character brought to life by Jacques Tati.

{published 2013, by NorthSouth Books}

I was smitten by the looks of this book at first glance. Perhaps it was a bit of that orange and blue thing, and a bit of it just being so spectacular. But first, I had to introduce myself to Monsieur Hulot, the comical character from French cinema, and the spirit and subject of this book.

His trademarks are his raincoat, umbrella, pipe, and sheer ineptitude.

I loved him immediately. Here’s a trailer (love those title graphics!) for Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Mr. Hulot’s Holiday.)

breakerSo now that you are entirely delighted and heartwarmed, isn’t it the greatest news ever that a nearly wordless picture book contains this nutty dude? Yes. I know.These endpapers are reminiscent of the title graphics in the trailer as well as the…

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What a Difference a Header Makes! Three Theme Transformations

The Blog bloggers create some truly bespoke sites using our 200+ themes as a starting point — the possibilities are endless, especially if you’re willing to give CSS a try.

What if you want something that’s more off-the-shelf, but still feels like you? Using a custom header and background — options that are available with most themes, no upgrade or coding chops needed — can completely transform the look of a theme. Not convinced? Take a look at Chef in DisguiseBKLYN Locavore, and The Modage Cottage. We bet you’ll be as surprised as we are at how they started out, and how far they’ve come with just a few tweaks.

Chef in Disguise

Sawsan explores her passion for Middle Eastern food on Chef in Disguisewhere her delicate header and complementary background pattern create a soft, welcoming mood that still allows her photography to shine:

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statement ready

style sprite

dannijo bib

dress: TopShop; bib necklace: DANNIJO; shoes: Prada; clutch: Clare Vivier


Hello Lovelies! What a whirlwind of a week this is turning out to be…luckily it makes it the perfect time to discuss how to take a daytime look into evening in seconds. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about statement necklaces.


On its own, this dress is perfectly lovely but a bit conservative to take on the night. Add the extra blinged-out je ne sais quoi of this DANNIJO bib and I am ready Freddy.




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Stupidity * Ignorance = Love for Renaissance?!

Standing Ovation, Seated

It is universally acknowledged that a rags-to-riches man in possession of the burning desire to be seen as a “cultural” human must be in want of some arts.

This is why defining beauty for today’s rags-to-riches men, as well as selling it to them, is such a thriving, crisis-immune business. What a few selected critics or gallerists define as art, becomes instantly marketable to those who confuse this definition for an axiom. Unlike omelette, which requires real eggs for it to be cooked, contemporary art does not need to have real art as an ingredient. Contemporary art is defined by a belief system of a few super-rich men. If they have been made to believe 30 grams of artist’s shit is art, it becomes art because they are the ones who can pay a hundred thousand dollars for a shallow gesture of irony and bitterness (the artist’s father owned a…

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